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GNLD Home Care Products
For almost four decades GNLD has offered highly concentrated cleaning products that effectively accomplish any task with a much smaller dose than their mass-market counterparts. These cleaners not only save you money with every use, but also cut the personal burden your cleaning tasks put on the global environment.

These specialized formulas can be diluted with water and mixed to match every cleaning task-from windows and countertops to barbecues and driveways! This eliminates the need for cupboards full of costly, single-purpose cleaning supplies. You use less which means you spend less while you are doing something good for the environment. That's a win-win proposition!

100% Bio-degradable

The GNLD concept of “biodegradability” requires that all ingredients used in the formulation of any GNLD cleaning product be compatible with nature’s life cycle. This cycle of birth-growth-death-decay-rebirth is basic to our formulating philosophy. Partial biodegradability is not good enough, nor are the soso cleaning results.

When GNLD introduced its first "biodegradable" cleaners over 40 years ago, it was ahead of its time. GNLD virtually invented the concept! Biodegradable refers to products that can be broken down into safe  by-products by living organisms. GNLD stipulates that ALL ingredients used in the formulation of any GNLD cleaning product is compatible with nature's own life cycle.

The process of biodegradability depends on time, temperature and concentration. Under standard conditions, GNLD's minimum standard is 80% completion within 21 days! However, the commitment to the environment is so strong that GNLD have always exceeded this standard.

As such, the use of these products are great for use with grey-water systems. They are also safe for use in septic tanks, where they will not upset the delicate bacteriological ecosystems, as long as they are used in compliance with the use recommendations.


It seems that we may only have three products, when normally the kitchen sink and bathrooms are full of variety. This is because the GNLD home care cleaning products can do the job of several other 'leading' brands. This substantially reduces the number of products required. These products can be used to tackle almost any job in the home, commercially or at the industrial level. Nevertheless, despite their potency and thus effectiveness, they are still extremely safe to use in the family home environment.

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Green Personal Cleaner

Green Personal Cleaner $36.25

liquid cleaning concentrate that thoroughly, yet gently, dissolves dirt.
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LDC (Light Duty Cleaner)

LDC (Light Duty Cleaner) $36.06

1 litre
Versatile cleaner, concentrated, eco-friendly and skin safe.
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Super 10

Super 10 $33.70

1 litre
Biodegradable, versatile, economical, industrial cleaning power safe for the home.
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