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GNLD Athletes

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Written by Cor Visser-Marchant

We take nutrition very serious!

Are you into professional level sports, acting or leisure activity that demands your body to be at it's best. Do yo demand peak performance, peak health and peak vitality? Haven't the time to be off sick? Cannot afford to be accidentally caught up in drug/doping scandals because you took a wrong supplement?

As you will by now gather, GNLD products are premium organic wholefood nutritional supplements. Human food derived natural supplements, backed by the best scientific research money can buy. Proven, safe and effective. Just what we all need - if we cannot eat enough of the right food to meet our body's demand.

Here is an extract of some of the global Athletes that use and promote GNLD as ambassadors. They all have one thing in common: they are champions of the highest order AND they attribute this in part to their daily GNLD nutritional supplement regime.


Mahe Drysdale


Not the greatest picture, due to the back-light, but this is us together with Mahe at the 2012 GNLD conference in Sydney. Mahe is a very nice guys and awe-inspiring. Here is a nicer one of him to the right.  He is a New Zealand rower (born in Australia though :)). Mahe is the current Olympic champion and five-time World champion in the single sculls. At the 2012 Summer Olympics Drysdale won the gold medal in the men's single sculls.

Mahe uses a wide range of GNLD products, including Pro Vitality, Formula IV Plus, Tre-en-en, Salmon Oil Plus, PhytoDefense, CalMag+D, NouriShake Protein Drink, Vitamin C (Threshold Controlled), Vitamin B-Complex and Chelated Zinc.

"By using GNLD products for the last ten years, I have been able to get all
 the nutritional supplements I need to prepare myself for sessions and 
recover quickly afterwards." - Mahe Drysdale
"When most races are won or lost by under a second it's important I can perform to my highest level 
at all times and GNLD products help me with this."
- Mahe Drysdale

Katrina Webb AOM


Here is a picture of us together with Katrina Webb AOM. Katrina is another awe-inspiring person of high calibre that we have had the honour of meeting. She is a great motivational speaker and terrific Australian icon. Katrina is a paralympian athlete. Some of her achievements: Sydney Paralympic Games: Silver 400m, Silver 100m and Bronze 200m, 2004 New World record for the 200m T38 class, Athens Paralympic Games: Gold 400m and Paralympic Record, South Australian Sports Institute Female Athlete of the Year and many more. Katrina says one of her greatest accomplishments is being selected to carry the Olympic torch into the stadium for the 2000 Sydney Paralympic Games.

Katrina Webb is particularly proud of her involvement with GNLD, because GNLD was supporting the paralympics years before any major sponsors found an interest in supporting this important movement. She cannot rave enough about the GNLD products and company.



Kostya Tszyu


Fighting in the Super Lightweight division Kostya Tszyu has achieved the career titles of Undisputed World Champion, The WBC world champion, The WBA world champion, The IBF world champion (Twice) and Ring Magazine world champion.

Watch a short video of Kostya's endorsement

"With GNLD, I think it’s a new way for me to help other people. I’ve spent my whole life being healthy and many people don’t know what they are missing.” - Kostya Tszyu
"My belief in life is to be healthy, that’s how I’ve lived my life and with GNLD I can see my life being healthier for longer” - Kostya Tszyu


Marie Kay


Marie was selected the 2010 WMA Best Female Athlete in the World by the World Masters Athletics (WMA) Council! When we met her at the 2012 GNLD Conference in Sydney, Marie talked about performing a recent Masters Triathlon event and being astonished at having won, seeing it was something she had never done before. When talking to her, she gives much credit to the GNLD products for her continued abilit to perform at high levels. We agree the products are the best in the world, but so is her ability, drive and determination.

Marie is a Gold-winning Masters Athlete with a very warm friendly personality. It was an honour to meet her and inspiring to her her support the GNLD products so emphatically.

Marie Kay considers one her greatest achievements as winning her second consecutive heptathlon title, along with titles in the 200-metres, 400-metres, 4 x 100-metres relays, and a bronze in the 4 x 400-metre relay at the World Championships in Puerto Rico in 2003.


more details coming soon, including for the following GNLD professionals:

  • Ian Stenlake, Actor (actors have to be very fit)
  • Darian Townsend, Olympic Gold Medallist and Champion Swimmer
  • Stefan Terblanche, (RSA) Rugby Legend, Ex-Springbok, Shark’s Fullback
  • Keegan Daniel, (RSA) Sharks’ Flank
  • Lisa Blackburn, World Record Masters Athlete, US National Record Holder, 100-Meter Breaststroke
  • Sakima Mullings, Jamaican Boxer, Middleweight Champion
  • Wayne Pearce (O.A.M), Rugby Champion
  • Malcolm Bennett, Paralympic Games Champion Runner


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