MAUDRiSSA Diabetes Risk Score Test

Answer 19 basic lifestyle questions and see your Diabetes risk score. Results emailed to you to take to your GP. Accurate scientific algorythm!

Result Details

MAUDRisSA Details

MAUDRisSA is the only tool known in the world which provides a diabetes risk score outlining a percentage risk of acquiring Diabetes Mellitus (type II). As there is no other tool to do this, some minor assumptions were necessary to accomodate such a tool for the general public. We have outlined the reasons and research which underpins much of this test below. Ofcourse there is no perfect way of knowing a particular individual's personal risk profile without actual detailed physical analysis of the person itself. Therefore the results should be taken to a medical health professional.

Read the full makeup of MAUDRisSA and how it works here... (opens in new window)

  • Because weight is such an important aspect, please check out your BMI score here first before commencing the test, you will need it in question 18.


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