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Business Partners Wanted

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Written by Cor Visser-Marchant

Join our GNLD Distributor team and be your own boss!

It is great to see you have decided to take control of your own life and investigate alternative options (or complimentary) to your current stream of income. If you are like us, you may look forward to spending your time on other dreams. For many this may be more time and/or money:

  • to spend with your family
  • to pamper yourself
  • to study
  • to travel
  • to donate to other causes
  • to volunteer
  • to give to the community
  • to plan for retirement
  • many other ideas.

For us it is planning to spend time on building financial independence and have more time for the children.

What is important in choosing your business partner and franchise company?

Well, from our perspective it is:

  • integrity - trustworthiness is fundamental
  • commitment - staying with the fundamentals and support the vision. Not selling out and having a short term vision.
  • honesty - absolutely. Openness and honesty.
  • support - create win-win situations and support your community, environment and partners.
  • quality products - people don't like to waste money, don't compete on price. Quality differentiates.
  • solid business model - a model which has proven the tests of time
  • leverage ability - break the relationship between our personal time and income
  • a scaleable system - have a reliable system that can grow with you and is able to be duplicated
  • sustainability - can this business last for the foreseeable future
  • a culture and products that meet personal beliefs and morals - spiritual and moral fundamentals are most important
  • proven trackrecord - past performance is a good indicator for future expectations
  • safety - safety for people and the environment
  • people - people are what builds relationships and community

To read up a bit more about GNLD as a company, please read the article "Is GNLD a scam? The Answer". It explains in details why GNLD is a highly respected global organisation, which has been going strong since 1958. (that is over 50 years!) GNLD provides individuals with a rock solid foundation upon which to build their future. Since 1958, GNLD has provided a challenging and exciting business enterprise to people all over the world. Operating on a simple premise of sharing the benefits of our products and business opportunity and encouraging others to do the same, individuals everywhere have learned that a better way of life can be a reality. It all starts with the desire to improve your life.

When you make a decision to own your own business, be your own boss and design your own future, GNLD is there to support you in every area of your business. With a GNLD business you can focus most of your time in two areas:

  1. Using the products for personal health and vitality; and
  2. Sharing the products for financial health and prosperity.

Because you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself GNLD will help to minimise your time in other activities that are important to any success business venture by providing the following services for you:

  • Customer Service - Highly trained professional staff members are available during normal business hours to receive product orders and answer questions.
  • Marketing - From websites to brochures, from CD's and DVD's to Conference Calls, GNLD makes talking to your family, friends and community easy, fun and financially rewarding.
  • eCommerce - You can have a pre-established internet website, with fully included payment and order facilities - there is no need to have your own expensive credit card payment gateway or commercial website developed.
  • Accounting - Instead of taking time out of your already busy schedule to calculate commissions and write checks, GNLD does that for you and sends you a summary every month.
  • Inventory - At any moment, you have available to you millions of dollars worth of product inventory just waiting for you, or members of your team, to place orders and tell us where you want it shipped.
  • Pick, Pack & Ship - In a traditional business, you would have to carry an expensive inventory of products. As you receive orders, you would then have to stop what you are doing, process the order, and then pack it for shipping. At GNLD, we carry the inventory for you, and we take care of picking, packing and shipping.
  • Training and Motivation - This area is a very important part of building a successful business. GNLD is available to help you provide the training and motivational meetings that will keep your team excited and productive.
  • Recognition - With recognition systems already in place, GNLD helps you Recognize, Appreciate, and Praise your team on its way to bigger and better results.
  • Personal Team Coach - What other franchise model offers you a personal business coach? We are here to support you step-by-step.

When you start a traditional business, you carry the burden of providing and financing all of the above services. The financial burden alone is the reason most fear owning their own business, and it is the cause of failure for most small businesses. When a business fails, not only do the physical doors close, but also the hopes and dreams of the business owners often close and never reopen.

For a very small financial investment, you can put yourself in the position of maximising your success and providing a better way of life for yourself and your family.

Great, what do I do next?

Proceed with the following 5 steps to join the MyShop GNLD team as an independent distributor and start your own business:

  1. Join GNLD Australia (click here) - small annual registration fee of $79
  2. Use the products and keep a few products stock - have them handy
  3. Share products with others - communicate
  4. Sell products retail - retail earnings
  5. Help others to do the same - earn bonuses

If you live in another country, you can contact GNLD on (+61) 1800637057 and join up. You will need to quote our Distributor reference number to do so: 35-92263

As a mimimum starting point, you should establish a monthly auto ship program of a 100PV with a cost of around $200

If you are serious about getting started and increase your earning potential straight away, you should start with stocking up on a few products for sale. We recommend you start with:

  • 2x Formula IV Plus
  • 2x Nourishake
  • 2x Vitamin C
  • 2x Cal-Mag
  • 3x Tre-en-en
  • 3x Salmon Oil Plus
  • 2x Cruciferous Plus
  • 2x Flavonoid Complex
  • 2x Carotenoid Complex and
  • 4x Pro Vitality Pack

This list will cost you around $1000.- wholesale and you should start to promote these products at retail. If you service customers who wish to purchase from you direct, or pay with cash money, this is also a good basic list to keep in stock (depending on your clients needs).

You should also establish an online GNLD website here once you are registered!

This is nice, but I do not want a business.

That is ok too. Some people only wish to consume these premium products and buy them at wholesale prices. If you are currently a retail customer, but are purchasing (or intend to purchase) more than 6 products per year, there is a definite benefit to you to join and save! Obviously, we make more profit by selling the products retail to you, but owe it to everyone to explain the cheapest option.

As a wholesale consumer you are still called a distributor from GNLD's perspective and you do have the right to on-sell products at retail if you wish. You can still establish a monthly autoship order to benefit from free postage and handling. You still get products at wholesale (25% off) prices. But you do not have to do anything else. Join GNLD to buy wholesale here.

Further queries?

If you have any queries or like to discuss this opportunity in detail, please contact us to move forward.

We hope to welcome you on board as a GNLD partner shortly!

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